Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poetic Toothfairy

I'm not sure if there are local toothfairies or if they are individually assigned to families, but my children have had one that always wrote a note of encouragement or thanks and included a tooth-related poem. I think my kids are finished with losing their teeth, so I think it's safe to put up this sample of a letter and poem that I recently found in my son's room. In the letter, the fairy tries to explain why she neglected to receive the offered tooth for a week or so.

Dear Daniel,

I'm very sorry it has taken so long to collect your tooth. There has been a Fairy strike the last few weeks. Some of the fairies (not me, of course) were complaining about how overworked they were, and how dangerous it was to flit about at night. I could tell you more, but it's a long story! Here's a poem, though.

There once were some fairies on strike,
They thought they would just take a hike.
You might ask, "but why?",
And they would just sigh,
That no one knows what it's like.

Now they are back as you see,
And their hearts are full of glee,
As they gather their "pearls"
From the boys and girls
From sea to shining sea.

Thank you for the nice tooth!

The Tooth Fairy

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