Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Blog World

Let's see how this goes! I've enjoyed reading a few blogs and have seen that it can be quite an enjoyable way to share things of interest and so I've become inspired!

I call the blog "Food and Feathers" because two of my interests are cooking and bird watching. I'll post recipe gems and comment on what kinds of birds I find in the yard. Also, I'll include some interesting happenings in our family that might be of interest to family and friends.

So, enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback!



  1. Yea! Cute title. I've bookmarked this and will check in often!

  2. Thanks! You are probably the one who inspired me most, Erin!

  3. Mom, this is a great idea! Can I have one too?

  4. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Can you show me how?

  5. Yes. Let's do that face to face instead of using comments back and forth!