Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our New Dog

Our daughter, Esther, has been working on us for a while, trying to convince us to get a dog. Her efforts paid off this last weekend when we saw a community ad about a 4 year old dog who needed a new home. This dog's plight along with our persuasive daughter, convinced us that we were the home for Katy! She's gentle and sweet. She hasn't uttered more than a gentle sound of complaint when we were washing her face - awkwardly, I'm sure! We love her already and hope she gets used to her new family.

Here's a short video. Enjoy


  1. You are a very persuasive young lady! But, as you can tell, we all are very fond of Katy!

  2. I finally got to check this page out. What a sweet little dog you have picked up! Chicku would be horribly jealous!